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Probably one of the cutest comic ever.
Everything that possibly can happen will in here....
One of my favs.. RPG game world.
I love this comic.. And you'll see why if you read it as well. ^_^
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Good art, good story!
One of the best art I have ever seen.. Wow
Awesome art...And she's a really nice person!
Very very funny 4cut comic. AND CUTE!
Well executed art and story
One of the funniest yet cutest things I have ever seen...
Good art, intersting story... must read!!
This is just hilarious..! Reminds me of Houshin Engi for some reason..
Very very good.. awesome art awesome story.. bishis.. +_+ Reminds me of Fruits Basket for some reason..
This is hiliarious and has lots of fan service??
This is the new comic by the great Hiromi.. WHEE
This is by Hitokui.. It has really cute drawings >.<.