Name: Uri Choi (Yu-Ri) (최유리)
Age: 14
Grade: Junior high 2nd year (8th)
B-day: 7/21
Eyes/Hair: Purple eyes/ Brown hair (all natural.. somehow)
Likes: MONEY, video game, her summoning monsters
Info: Lives with her aunt (dad's younger sister.. See I told you settings
changed!) and Jin. Her dad lives in the U.S. as a professor at a university.
Sibling: None
Name0: Jin Lee (이진)
Age: 14
Grade: Junior high 2nd year (8th)
B-day: 5/09
Eyes/Hair: Black eyes/Black hair
Likes: Training to be stronger, people not getting in his business, certain "someone", magic
Info: Nobody knows where he's from, but joins Uri's business
after being abit persuaded. Uses black magic at will.
Sibling: None
Name: Minhe Suh(서민희) Age: 14
Grade: Junior high 2nd year (8th)
B-day: 4/22
Eyes/Hair: Blue eyes/Blond hair (natural? Seems to be..somehow o_O?)
Likes: Church, God, studying, angels
Info: Really "pure". Sungsu hates her because she gets better grades than him and is not
pretty with her glasses on. Wears glasses at school because it helps her "focus"
although her eyes are good... Her parents on a misson trip to the amazon Oogy Oogy tribe
so lived with her aunt and uncle for awhile, but now lives by self in a very big mansion up in a mountain.
Sibling: Younger brother at private all boys boarding school.
Name: Sora Han (한소라)
Age: 14
Grade: Junior high 2nd year (8th)
B-day: 11/11
Eyes/Hair: Green(contacts)/Orange(dyed and punished for consistenly)
Likes: Fashion, latest trends
Info: Wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up.ometimes can be really serious,
but usually gets into other people's business WAY too much..
Siblings: Younger and older sister. The middle child.
Name: Sungsu Kim (김성수)
Age: 14
Grade: Junior high 2nd year (8th)
B-day: 9/30
Eyes/Hair: Normally: Black, sometimes blue with contacts/ Light blond
(dyed, but pass because he's one of the smart kids)
Likes: GIRLS (coughporncough), studying to become the best!
Info: He's really different from school and outside of school. He's really "gentle, nice"
type at school (straight A student, etc) but outside of school.. Well, can be a jerk
and quite obsessed with porn and computer. He doesn't look too deep into people
and see only the outside. Probably because his father's a politician. ^_^;;
Siblings: He has an older brother at college named Sungwu
No Pic yet
Name: Eugene Choi (female to add on) (최유진)
Age: Never ask a lady about her age! (in her mid 20's)
Occupation: Junior high English teacher
B-day: 1/17
Eyes/Hair: Black/Black
Likes: Reading, traveling to Europe and the US
Info: Uri's aunt and lives and takes care of Uri and Jin. Also her english teacher at school.
(remember the teacher who introduced Minhe in the older version? that's her!) Has a young
boyfriend who goes to college. She's pretty cool, and let's Uri do whatever she wants long
as it's not illegal and really.. "Bad"
Siblings: Older sister and brother (Uri's dad)

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