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The 10th was my bro's b-day...! YAY you are 20! You are one year closer to dying (LOL) and also one year from legal drinking age! (no drinking!) HAHA. Congrats.

I got my new mp3 player.. it's awesome and it's pretty.. but i think it might have some problems so i might send it back and get it checked out.. dunno if it's suppose to do that (it freezes every now and then.. but because it is a hard drive player, I'm not sure.. does ipod ever do that?)

But here's the awesome part of my mp3 player... First of all, it cost about the same as an ipod, if not cheaper. The cheapest one is about 300 dollars (20gb, 15 hours battery life) and the best ones about 380 dollars (30gb, 35 hours) and I bought the 20 gb, 35 hour one because I like long battery life.. (but now i think about it, i shouldn't have worried because I never even reached half way yet with my battery life.. I recharge too much....

Anyways not only that, it also plays videos and and plays about every important music file format known to man kind (mp3, wma, ogg, flac (only 2 mp3 player in the world (including this) plays this file format))

And it PLAYS DAMN VIDEOS. Yes, it does. I can watch Keroro Gunso or Azumanga Daioh in class like a little dork with Music videos. YES.

It also records radio, records voice, can see text, has lyric input thingy, can also see pictures and works as an hard drive at school for space, and can put any pic as a background pic.

People WERE envious, actually. They were like, "what's that? U serious? It plays videos?? Holy crap. I wish I bought that instead of my ipod..."

HOHO I laughed.. Now I need some sweet pair cheap ear buds to get me going.. (not that cheap.. but the most expensive/cheap one i can get my hands on.. one of sony earbuds that cost 50 dollars.. on my x-mas list thingy~)

p.s. I might get constant update going after Decemer.. that's when i'm free from stuff and I don't have to care about anything... so we'll see then.


Late update.. I been updating.. what once a month? Not a very good number..

Anyways fanart is broken again.. grr. I'm changing the server for the fanart soon so it should work... someday..

I been working lately and studying so this is kind of the reason.. SAT is evil...

I been wanting to do commissions... Go here for more info and ignore the things on the top..Commission This is only for people who are not afraid to waste money my crap artwork.. Sorry.. =_=.. But if you want to help me.. and get a drawing from me.. this would help.

And I got the Harry Potter 6th book faster than any of you ppl in the States.. HAHA.. Not really but I almost had it the day it came out..and it's 12 hours faster over here so I got it techinically day before all of you... HAHA I laugh at you mortals.


Well, I'm in Korea right now.. and yeah.

Um the poster thing's on sale so if u have too much money for you to handle, you can get yourself one just because.

I'm going to Seoul Comic World on the July 17th(?) or so.. It's gonna take a lot of work if I could actually stuff there... Excited though. If I do get to attend, I'll take some pictures of my booth.

The fanart is back! if you have too much time, draw me a pic and I'll post it right away, ne?

Vote for me because I SAID SO!! MUHAHAH!

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